Media Examples

Below are links to both Chris Jeansonne’s personal work and examples of media created by students under his supervision for courses he’s developed.  This includes examples of visual essays by recent undergraduate students and works in various formats by media arts students.

Extraction – MFA Thesis Film: 16mm short film. A surrealist coming-of-age dental narrative. Past and present reality blend with dream and fantasy as dental student Gerald tries to live up to the legacy of his dental heritage.
 “Pennies in Hand” – Music Video for New Orleans artist Kelcy Mae

From the Ohio State University ‘Introduction to Film Studies Class’
Creative Project
Wait Pretty Butterfly
Video Essays
Rethinking Kanye West’s Controversial Music Video “Bound 2”
Physiognomy of Female Characters in Disney Animations
Miyazaki: Morality in War
Maggie and Nikita–What Do You Call Femininity?

From Lusher High School Media Arts Program:
Collaborative Projects: 
Born to Film – In a humorous homage to a famous war film, this served as a promotional video for the program.
Lady Logarithm – A math rap and love song to the Logarithm…
Live Action Films:
Disorder – In his highly structured world, a moment of disorder can cause havoc.
I am not an Other – On what it means to be interracial
Splat! – A digitally created, cell-style animation. For some, the end comes too soon…
Into Wonder – A hand-drawn, rotoscope animation. Retells the opening of Alice’s adventures.
Fall – A digitally created, cell-style animation.  A leaf enjoys its brief fall to the ground.
How to Walk – A short film mixing stop-motion animation and live action.
‘Stills in Time’ Photo-films:  Inspired by the famous Chris Marker film ‘La Jetée’, these films use still images and sound to tell a narrative.
Solo – Imagine what would it like to be truly alone…
The Illuminaphonist – In the world of the illuminaphonist, music colors the world.
Making Believe – In romance and in photography, reality and imagination can be tenuous partners.
First Year Student (9th Grade) Collaborative Films:
Mute – A student hides both his voice and a secret.
Swapped – Revenge can come in unexpected ways.
Trailers for Non-Existent Films:
Hester – We’re really worried about her…