Hosted “‘Superheroes en Vogue:’ A Panel Exploring Issues of Social Justice and Diversity in the Superhero Genre.”

In March of 2017 Chris curated and lead “Superheroes en Vogue: A Panel Exploring Issues of Social Justice and Diversity in the Superhero Genre”, which brought together four independent artists to discuss their work and issues of representation in superhero comics and multimedia.  The event was co-sponsored by The Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise, The Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and Library, and The Popular Culture Studies Program.

Description from the Barnett Center website:

“Visual artist Amana Harris and Comic Artists Michael Watson, Victor Dandridge, and Left-Handed Sophie come together at the intersection of independent artistry, media industry, education and activism for an engaging presentation and discussion on issues of social justice and diversity in the graphics industry and in our society.  Curated by Christopher Jeansonne, Artists will discuss some of there many powerful works and will have items for sale at the event.”

For more information on the event and panelists, click here:

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