Christopher Jeansonne

PhD Candidate in Arts Administration Education and Policy at the Ohio State University

Christopher Jeansonne is a PhD candidate in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy (AAEP) with a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Film Studies.  He holds an MFA in Film from Ohio University and currently teaches courses for both the AAEP department and the Film Studies Program.

Chris’ research focuses on critical media pedagogy at the intersection of scholarship and creative practice. His approach to both teaching and research involves reflective investigations into our ‘media selves,’ exploring how individual, group, and cultural identities are established within, and articulated through, media.


Wait Pretty Butterfly

"Wait Pretty Butterfly" is a short video by Brynne McGregor, a student in the Ohio State University Film Program's 'Introduction to Film Studies for Majors' class, taught by Christopher Jeansonne. She engaged with theoretical concepts from the class by using arts-based research methods to create this experimental video as her final project for the class. It was later shown at the 2018 Columbus Film Festival.

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